"Four-Jaks has been one of our trusted suppliers for over fifteen years. We use a variety of their products, including the Constant Force Balance System, which has proven to be highly reliable and very easy to work with in our manufacturing operation. We also have several custom molded parts made by Four-Jaks because of their great technical design expertise and hands-on experience in the industry. In addition to having great products, service, and support, everyone at Four-Jaks has a friendly, 'can-do' attitude that makes them a great company to do business with."

David Byrd
Vice President - Operations
West Window Corporation
Martinsville, Virginia

On Viwinco's behalf, I would like to express our gratitude to the 4 Jaks team for the fine work they provided on our recent custom hardware project. From the initial planning meeting 4 Jaks was able to provide refined designing and focused production. Through pro-activeness, expertise, and professionalism, 4 Jaks was able to adhere to deadlines and exceed our expectations.
While we would like to thank Scott Beard for the personal interest he took in our unique hardware project, we also thank the entire 4 Jaks organization for the finished parts that will ultimately set us ahead of our competitors in the window industry.

Mike Duncan
General Manager
Morgantown, PA

Just wanted to let you know that your balance system that we switched to a few months back is the smoothest, best performing balance system we have ever used in our history of making windows.
I know you tried to get me to switch " a long time ago". I kick myself in the ass for not doing it sooner.

Joseph E. Heaton Thermal Chek Inc.